Victor Group announces that it has completed a comprehensive third-party certification project based on the new Facts sustainability certification program for its commercial fabrics using patented Crypton® technology. To achieve Facts certification, products must meet the multi-attribute requirements of the NSF/ANSI 336 standard. Facts, a new mark, is owned by the Association for Contract Textiles (ACT), and applies to contract fabrics used in the office, hospitality, healthcare, education, government and institutional market segments.

Victor Group’s Crypton Fabrics feature stain, moisture and odor resistance, as well as anti-microbial properties. These fabrics provide a patented, integrated moisture barrier that will not break down. For the assessment and certification of their products and processes, Victor Group chose to work with SCS Global Services, a provider of third-party environmental and sustainable certification, auditing, testing and standards development. SCS evaluated these sustainability attributes: fiber sourcing, safety of materials, water conservation, water quality, energy, air quality, recycling practices, and social accountability.

Victor Group is a North American-based textile company specializing in sustainable and innovative fabrics designed for the contract, healthcare, apparel, and specialty markets. Its other textiles certified by SCS include the Eco Intelligence® line, with products that are antimony-free, contain post-consumer recycled and post-industrial recycled content polyesters, and are Facts certified. New to Victor Group is Eco Intelligent® Wool, which is also certified.


Healthcare Design Magazine May/June 2014 Vol. 14 No. 4

The cover story of Healthcare Design Magazine’s May/June 2014 issue,Common Goals Inspire MaineGeneral Hospital Project, gives a project overview of MaineGeneral’s beautiful new 644,000 square foot inpatient facility in Maine’s Kennebec Valley. The featured story focuses on how the client was dedicated to building a local project team that executed the project via an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) system, which reduced construction time from the projected 36 month schedule to just 26. The project, completed in August 2013, earned a LEED Gold Certification.

That’s all exciting stuff! But we here at Crypton are also pretty excited to see that, not only has Crypton Green been specified on the project, it made the cover! SMRT specified Momentum Textiles’s Upside pattern in At Ease for the cafeteria banquets, which are protected from oil- and water-based spills using Crypton technology.


Momentum Textiles Upside fabric in At Ease powered by Crypton Green

The fabric is comprised of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester, so it is offered as part of our Crypton Green lineup. The fabric can contribute to LEED Materials & Resources credits for recycled content, and is GREENGUARD Certified to contribute to LEED Indoor Air Quality credits. Additionally, as with all Crypton technologies, Crypton Green was developed with environmentally preferable chemistry and is processed in our closed-loop facility in Kings Mountain, NC.

Architecture firm TRO Jung Brannen of Boston partnered with SMRT of Portland, Maine for design, and a joint venture betweenRobins & Morton of Birmingham, Alabama and HP Cummings of Portland, Maine handled the construction. You can read more about the design approach on TRO JB’s blog.

We’re proud to be included in such a beautiful, thoughtful, and environmentally conscious project. Congratulations to all involved on a project well done!


Pup stars Violet and Blue backstage with trainer Lydia DesRoche at Of Mice and Men on Broadway (Amy Nicole Swift 2014)


Of Mice and Men is in its closing week after a successful run starring the high-powered talents of Chris O’Dowd, James Franco, Jim Norton, and Leighton Meester, but the four-legged players are who truly stole our hearts. This was the Broadway premier of senior rescue pits Violet and Blue, but with their stage presence and star power you’d never guess they weren’t longtime vets of the theatre or the limelight.

Violet and Blue’s success can of course be attributed to their dedicated trainer, Lydia DesRoche, owner of Sit Stay Dog Training in New York City, who has coached them on and off the stage throughout the show’s run. Although this is DesRoche’s first Broadway show, she has been training dogs for over 14 years, and counts many celebrities and A-list New Yorkers on her client roster. DesRoche’s reputation is what caught the attention of company manager Bobby Driggers, who found her through the dog training website Do More With Your Dog.

DesRoche’s long-time rescue pet, Blue, who is named for his one striking Blue eye, was originally cast in the role of Candy’s dog because he was a perfect fit for the dog Steinbeck described in his classic novel. DesRoche then sought out a client’s dog, Violet, to play his understudy.

“Every time Violet looked at me she reminded me of Blue. There was this look in her eyes that Blue always had – that same soulful stare that would get people to bring their cheeseburgers outside of restaurants and offer them to him,” said DesRoche. “So we brought her in as the understudy then she took his job! She outshined him!”


Violet arriving to the Longacre Theatre in her Canine Taxi, Blue and trainer Lydia her entourage (Amy Nicole Swift 2014)

Violet and Blue, both aged dogs with a storied past, are unlikely stars of the stage. Violet is somewhere between 13 and 15, and Blue will be 16 in August. Violet was rescued 3 years ago by one of DesRoche’s clients so little is known of her background, but DesRoche rescued Blue from a junkyard 15 years ago where he had been living amongst feral cats.

Working long hours backstage with senior dogs on Broadway is grueling for both DesRoche and the dogs, so she reached out to New York Walk and Train to provide assistants for the shows. “New York Walk and Train is amazing. They’ve been incredible. I don’t know what I could have done without them.”


Violet in her Crypton Bed of Roses Bolster Bed on opening night (Lydia DesRoche 2014)

She also was faced with the challenge of creating a comfortable greenroom for the dogs on the hard basement floor, which was no small task. “I was looking for something that would be comfortable for them, where they could really spread out. I wanted something with a bolster in case they wanted to lean. They’re both senior dogs so I wanted to get something that could handle any messes that happened.”

DesRoche chose Crypton’s Bed of Roses Bolster Bed in black and blue. “It’s a really great pattern. I get tons of compliments on the bed. Everyone loves them. The assistants curl up on the beds with them… They’re big enough for a person!”
Crypton was granted access behind the scenes to check out how the beds are holding up under such intense wear. Violet receives a full-body makeup treatment every show, so inevitably the excess has been ground into the bed over time. But makeup is no match for Crypton. “They wash up really easy,” said DesRoche. The covers come off the bed and can be put through the wash, like new every time.

The dogs also take breaks outside to find respite from the frenzy of the show. “We have a Travel Mat Bed of Roses that we use when I take them to the park,” said DesRoche. “We love it. Not only is it padded, but it also cleans up really well. I use it anytime, like if we’re going to sit in the alley or go backstage. It’s really nice to take it around with me, and I think it’ll be really great to have once the show is over.”


Violet and Blue taking a snuggly break between shows on their soft Crypton Travel Bed of Roses (Lydia DesRoche 2014)

The durability of Crypton has also caught the attention of stage manager Jane Grey, who sometimes brings her dog to the show. “I am sold on this fabric line and am so glad to have gotten to touch it and feel the different qualities,” said Grey. “This fabric should be pitched to Broadway designers and prop people because shows give furniture and soft goods a real beating.”

Though the show is coming to a close this week, DesRoche is hoping that her experience with Of Mice and Men will lead to other opportunities on Broadway. When asked what her favorite memory was from the show she recalls the many times watching Violet waiting backstage for her cue with Jim Norton, who plays her owner, Candy. “She marches, she looks up at him, she smacks her lips, she noses his hand – she’s like, ‘C’mon let’s do this!’”

Of Mice and Men is playing through July 27, 2014 at the Long acre Theatre in New York. Tickets are still available before Violet and Blue take their final bow with the cast.


Crypton Fabric recently acquired Nanotex®, a technology-focused textile company that specializes in creating supreme performance apparel textiles.

Like its name suggests, Nanotex develops fabrics that utilize “nanotechnology,” creating top-level performance finishes that are trusted by household brands, such as Gap, Target, Maidenform, Bass Pro Shops, Nordstrom, Land’s End, and Fisher-Price, to name a few.

“When we developed Crypton 20 years ago, a performance textile was a new commodity in the Contract, Hospitality, and Healthcare markets. Today, performance is one of the most requested attributes of a textile. We firmly believe that our collective brain trusts of superb chemists and researchers and our branding acumen will take us to an even higher level.”Randy Rubin, Chairwoman, on the benefits of the acquisition. [Interior Design]

At a molecular level, Nanotex textiles provide the necessary features of a performance fabric: moisture wicking, odor control, stain and water resistance, wrinkle-free properties, and static elimination. All together, these features make fabric that are long-lasting, both aesthetically and in its construction.

“The pairing of two great performance textile [companies] will only be enhanced by the shared technology [between them].” Randy Rubin, Chairwoman, speaking with Furniture Today.”We will each bring new resources to this union, which will only strengthen us both in the retail and contract marketplace.”

Nanotex will now be headquartered with us in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, but will maintain its operations in Asia, Europe, and the rest of the United States. We are confident that the addition of Nanotex to the Crypton Fabric family will be fruitful in our efforts to create the best in revolutionary textiles.